October 4th, 2019
For Immediate Release
Preeminent talkboxer and musical artist, Hazmat Live ( announces that his reimagined “Sade” single, “No Ordinary Love,” will be released October 4th, 2019 on Deep Sequence Records.

Hailing from Detroit, Mi., Walter Howard, better known by his stage moniker “HazMat,” is first and foremost not a DJ. He is a composer, producer, and artist. HazMat blends house and techno beats with a funky Detroit vibe and elements of soulful talkbox. His sound is unlike any you’ve heard before. 

“The music of Sade has always held a certain resonance in my heart. The soulful delivery of the lyrics, the haunting melodies and the message of the music, just clicked for me.” says Howard. “I've always wanted to bring that kind of soul to the Electric dance floor though the talkbox and I thought, this is the time. I wanted to explore classic dance sounds meshed with A Deep House/R&B feel and then take that to space! My goal is for you to feel like you are floating through a new musical Universe.” 

Hazmat’s unique approach and raw talent have been garnering him critical acclaim from the Detroit and international techno communities. In addition, HazMat’s talkboxing abilities have already become a YouTube sensation, earning more than 810,000 views along with positive reviews from fans all over the world. 
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DJ Hugo LX
"The Title Says it all..  as usual with HazMat, this is no ordinary music! 

The song covers all the spectrum of quality, soulful dance music, old and new,

From those classy piano chords and keyboard pads to the funky guitar riffs and talkbox patches. Love It!"

DJ Mark Flash
"This is no ordinary track! Hazmat does it again!"

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