The World-Famous Avocado Cutter 
est. 1996
 The Avocado Cutter™ is the premiere utensil for the worldwide avocado industry. Over the last 20 years, the Avocado Cutter has had a significant impact on increasing the sales, awareness and consumption of avocados. If you are a grower or marketer of avocados consider utilizing this amazing and functional utensil, as it is an excellent marketing, sales and promotional tool. People LOVE this utensil and the more they use it the more it will re-enforce your brand. Contact us today.
Now in Stainless Steel
Promotional Orders comes with...
  •  Your personalized logo on the Avocado Cutter.
  •   A customized recipe card.
  •   Sealed in a clear poly bag.
  •  Shipped in easy storage cartons.
  •  A digital version of your recipe card.
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